What is a Query Optimizer?

You write a query and get data back. In between, magic happens. In this episode, we talk with Ron Luebke about the “query optimizer”—a critical component of that magic. We talk about query optimizers in general, what makes Teradata’s query optimizer a bit more magic than the rest, and how that magic gets extended beyond […]

Workload Management: A Critical Aspect of Analytics at Scale

In this episode, Carrie Ballinger introduces us to a critical requirement of managing data and analytics at scale—workload management. What is “workload management”? Why and when workload management is necessary The most important thing workload management enables How is workload management managed? Different types of workload management How workload management improves overall throughput Interesting workload […]

Circle & Square

“There are many types of data that have many different types of relationships, and you need to manage that data based on value.” — Rob Armstrong, Teradata This week, Rob Armstrong shares all you need to know about data management by value—in just two shapes. Links The Circle and Square, All You Need to Know […]

De-Mystifying Data Science

Our guest this week is Tim Miller, from Teradata’s Technology & Innovation Office. He was a principal in the development of the first commercial in-database data mining system, which makes him a perfect choice to provide an overview of the data science process. New to data science? There may be occasional bouts of jargon you don’t understand. If so, don’t […]